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Welcome to Heatherwood Senior Living, a premier choice for independent senior living

The beauty of independent living is that it’s exactly like living at home but without the maintenance, making it the perfect way to downsize. What does “no maintenance” mean? It means you won’t have to mow your lawn or fix the bathroom faucet if it leaks, but other than that, your independent living apartment or cottage is yours. You can decorate it however you like, make your own meals, and do your own laundry, just like you do right now.

And if you decide to go on a trip out of town? That’s fine. Independent living is a great option if you plan on traveling a lot during their retirement because you won’t have to worry about getting someone to watch the house, turn on the sprinkler or collect the mail. You can lock your apartment door, hop in the car, and know that when you come back, everything will be just as clean and tidy as you left it.

But, the best thing about independent living at Heatherwood Senior Living is that it’s flexible. You can choose your apartment floor plan, what to eat and when, and what fun activities and outings you want to participate in.

So what are you waiting for? Call us at 208-350-6350 to schedule a tour and see how we can help you enjoy your retirement.